Love doll torsos that make masturbation more comfortable

Love doll torsos that make masturbation more comfortable

(1) Use lubricants to masturbate

According to Internet research, moving the penis up and down with lubricants filled in the palm of your hand can completely simulate the experience of sexual intercourse. The specific operation method is to spread your palm into a V shape, pour a sufficient amount of lubricant into the palm, and move the penis to achieve the effect of simulating sexual intercourse.

(2) "Numb hand" method

The so-called "paralysis", as the name suggests, is to paralyze the nerves in the hand and use the paralyzed hand to paralyze the penis. The specific operation method is to first put your hands under your feet or buttocks, sit or lie down in a comfortable posture. In the second stage, the blood circulation in the hands becomes worse, wait for the nerves to become numb, and in the third stage, start hand movements.

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(3) Choose the right AV movie or image

You can choose videos, still images, and AV movies. It is generally not recommended to choose Western pictures. After all, different nationalities have different aesthetics. Moreover, by using Asian-style beauty, the beauty will be more unified. If you are interested in blonde Western beauties, watch European and American porn stars and look at pictures.

(4) Choose selective toys

For example, love doll torsos and ona cups. Both are designed for masturbation and contain some ergonomic elements. It is more scientific, easier and more effective than monotonous masturbation. However, it should be used with hygiene precautions to avoid bacterial infection.

All of these are ways for people to masturbate, just with different feelings. For a more realistic experience and masturbation, so torso sex dolls are relatively more effective.

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