Love doll torsos are excellent sex toys

Love doll torsos are excellent sex toys

Love doll torsos are male masturbators that mimic the size and shape of the human body. The purpose of the love doll torso when it was first created was to give the user a sense of pleasure when having sex with the torso sex doll, release sexual desire, and obtain psychological and physical satisfaction.

The love doll torso is based on a girl and can enter the vagina, anus, and mouth. This allows men to fully simulate the process of sexual intercourse. That is, insert the penis into the aisle and let the penis have the pleasure of rubbing the inside of the aisle. Other torso love dolls will make human moans when inserted into men, which will make users feel more realistic.

It is important to know that most love doll torsos on the market today are made of soft silicone, which will not deteriorate and keep its good shape at temperatures from -65 to 200 degrees Celsius. Of course, there are torso love dolls made of TPE material. TPE material is a rubber material with high elasticity, high strength, and high resilience, which has the characteristics of injection molding. It is non-toxic and odorless, and has no side effects on the human body. Designers have designed the bust and vagina to achieve high simulation performance, as if they were real people.

Since the solid torso sex doll is made of solid material, the joints of the limbs are wrapped with synthetic resin to support it mechanically, so that it can move freely like a real person. In addition to having a beautiful face, the solid love doll torso also has a figure that ordinary people cannot have, so it can change clothes. Plump breasts, smooth thighs, flowing long hair, all the characteristics of a beautiful woman can make her look more beautiful.

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A typical love doll torso is characterized by its beautiful appearance and well-proportioned body. You can touch the body of the real doll torso during sex and enjoy the ultimate comfort of smooth skin. The temperature of the torso love doll's chest and vagina will also change. Automatic heating can raise the body temperature of the human body to about 37 degrees during sex, giving you the feeling of holding a real person.

Compared to ugly inflatable torso sex dolls, lover torso sex dolls are larger and heavier, but the feeling of holding a soft body is irreplaceable by other sex toys. For many people, psychological comfort is more important than physical happiness. The highly simulated "beauty" of the lover doll torso not only brings us physical comfort, but also fills the gap caused by our lack of sexual partners.

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