Impressive sex doll torso story

Impressive sex doll torso story

Sex torso dolls are not only bought by the public, but also regarded as works of art by many collectors and love doll torso lovers around the world. Some people buy clothes, accessories and jewelry online to dress up their torso sex dolls, while others treat them as a family and take them to the streets, cars, and even underground malls. This is a household story in the torso
sex doll world. The two have more than 200,000 fans each and regularly post interesting real doll torso life on social media.

Teshima (pseudonym) is in his 60s. Famous for torso sex dolls locally, he is just a small figure in the male sex doll torso world, but he has posted many torso sex doll photos and life experiences and received a lot of attention.

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In May 2014, Teshima ordered the sex doll torso online for the first time and named it "Yuki". The next day, he took it to a nearby tourist attraction to take pictures, attracting many passers-by.

Although it is a torso sex doll made in a factory, for Uncle Teshima, in addition to physical characteristics, there is a deeper meaning. Its existence gave me the joy of living in Uncle Toshima's later years.

Before buying this sex doll torso, Uncle Teshima had decided to divorce because his wife liked to play with small iron balls and their marriage failed. He is currently married to a new man, but it was because of this torso sex doll that he united them together. Now he has started a sex doll torso clothing business with his son and wife and has earned considerable income.

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