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Ginny: 38.1LB Removable Vaginal Sex Doll 4 in 1 with Tantabosom

Ginny: 38.1LB Removable Vaginal Sex Doll 4 in 1 with Tantabosom

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Perky and Natural Bosom

Ginny Torso SexDoll's teardrop-shaped breasts, naturally mature, enhanced by Tantaly's unique gel breast augmentation formula, Tantabosom. Her nipples are firm, ready for your caress and suckling, bouncing and swaying with each thrust, soft, natural, and full of femininity. What's not to love about those breasts?

Easy Cleaning, Maintaining Hygiene

Ginny love doll torso is Tantaly's first leg removable sex doll with a modular vaginal design. Weighing at 37.6 lbs, while not particularly heavy, cleaning a wet sex doll in the bathroom isn't the easiest task. The detachable vaginal module means you can quickly clean and maintain your partner. The pleasure experience goes further!

Multiple Experiences to Satisfy Your Need

Our removable vaginal sex doll offers unprecedented multiple experiences. Equipped with three detachable vaginal modules and one fixed anal orifice, this doll allows you to choose different experiences based on your mood and desire. No longer confined to just one choice, you can indulge in the pleasures this doll has to offer.

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