Love doll torso foot care tips

Love doll torso foot care tips

On the bulletin board and the manufacturer, you can see messages, emails and phone calls from love doll torso owners asking "What if my torso love doll's feet are dirty?" "What if the torso love doll's legs are cracked"

This is a very common question

It's like spending money to buy a love doll torso and taking care of a work of art. A little bit of damage is painful, so turn your head completely to solve the problem.

If my torso love doll's feet are dirty, how can I clean them? Don't believe other people's childish methods, such as cleaning with alcohol or gasoline. Anyone with a little common sense knows that these things will corrode the love doll torso.

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In fact, you can clean it properly with just warm water and soap.

So how to repair the toes torn by the female sex doll torso? The procedure is simple.

After applying the repair solvent to the untreated surface of the TPE love doll torsoand letting the solution fully penetrate the torn part, fix it with a reinforcement tool for about 1 to 2 minutes, and wait for about 5 to 6 hours at most.

How can I keep my torso love doll's feet clean? That's when you need high-quality silicone socks.

The effect is huge, making the torso love doll's feet more realistic. If you have a habit of foot care, try these socks. Wear these silicone socks on your love doll torso and you will be able to create more wonderful feet without worrying about getting your feet dirty.

Although love doll torso socks and TPE repair solvent can help solve these problems. However, for torso love dolls, daily maintenance is very important. Some people who care may wash it frequently, but it will actually accelerate the degeneration of the torso sex doll's skin, shorten its life, and tear the skin, so wash it every 2~4 weeks.

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