How long can a love doll torso last? A good way to preserve it?

How long can a love doll torso last? A good way to preserve it?

Many users will yearn for a beautiful sexual partner, but the beauty of fantasy is by no means easy. However, with the advent of torso love dolls, the meaning of spiritual satisfaction and sexual pleasure has completely changed. Now people are aware of the importance of self-evaluation, and such people prefer to spend time with love doll torsos because they can bring better sexual satisfaction and happiness. Therefore, the demand for torso sex dolls is increasing in large quantities.

However, it is not just a matter of purchase, but also a big investment, so real doll torsos need to be maintained and have a longer life. The exact life of the female sex doll torso is still difficult to control. However, factors such as cleaning, materials, and storage conditions directly affect the life of the love doll torso.

Here are some of the main factors.

Frequency of use

How long a love doll torso lasts depends on how often you use it. If used for a long time, the parts of the torso sex doll may wear out quickly. In addition, if the material is not good, the parts may fall off. Therefore, some torso love dolls are detachable and some torso sex dolls have replaceable parts.

Material composition

If the materials and fabrics of the clothes you buy are of poor quality, they will wear out faster than expected. In addition, the raw material composition of different manufacturers is different, which affects the life of the sex doll torso. Silicone and TPE are expensive, but they are more durable than torso sex dolls made of other materials. Therefore, when choosing a torso sex doll, try to choose a doll torso made of silicone or TPE, which has a longer lifespan.

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I think there are many people who don't have the habit of washing clothes regularly. However, if you buy a love doll torso, be prepared to take the responsibility of thorough cleaning. If it is not cleaned, it will breed bacteria and cannot be used safely.

How to store

In addition, the storage method of the torso sex doll has a great impact on the health and longevity of the real doll torso. Pressure can cause dents in the torso doll's body, which can cause cracks and tears. The arms, knees, and below the elbows are sensitive to dents. Therefore, please pay attention to the storage conditions of the torso doll.

It can be seen that if the above points are carefully considered, the torso sex doll may last a long time (at least 2 to 10 years). On the contrary, if it is not handled properly, it may take less than a year.
Finally, you should follow some useful tips.

Clean the doll torso regularly, clean the vagina and other parts.

Be sure to dry it with a clean towel first, and then wash the torso doll's wig with a neutral shampoo.

Do not use silicone-based lubricants, use water-based lubricants.

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