How to use the standing function correctly for love doll torsos?

How to use the standing function correctly for love doll torsos?

What are standing feet?

When you first buy a torso love doll, you may find that you can choose to stand. So what are standing feet? What are non-standing feet? Should love doll torsos generally not stand?

The TPE material is very soft, and if a real love doll torso that is not designed for standing is bought, there is a steel frame inside the footrest, which will cause this metal to slip out of the bottom of the TPE foot when you need to stand the torso sex doll.

A standing torso sex doll is a love doll torso that supports the standing body of the real doll torso by installing three screws into the legs that extend as a skeleton.

Vibrating Sucking Torso Sex Doll

Correct use of the standing function

Even with the standing function, the female sex doll torso may not be able to stand well. The three screws at the bottom play an auxiliary role and do not balance the body and cerebellum like a real person, so there is no special sense of stability, lean against the wall or something, and make sure the torso sex doll stands firmly on the heel.

When choosing a male sex doll torso with a standing function, do not wear stockings, because the screws may slip or penetrate after wearing them. In addition, when wearing shoes, if you wear more socks or use harder insoles, the shoes will not be easily damaged.

Of course, you can also put special leather insoles on the torso doll's legs and put on stockings.

Should I choose the standing function?

For those who pursue the perfect torso sex doll, the three screws will undoubtedly destroy the sense of unity of the soles of the feet. If you don't need to stand for a long time, bare feet that do not destroy the body line are best, but if used as a mannequin or clothing model, standing is essential.

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