How to throw away lover sex doll torsos scientifically?

How to throw away lover sex doll torsos scientifically?

Because love doll torsos have strong vitality, if they are not properly thrown away, they can easily be mistaken for a murder scene. So, this time I will talk about the scientific and correct way to throw away real doll torsos.

Let's start with the misunderstanding caused by accidentally discarded lover dolls sex torso.

1. In a remote forest where no one goes, there is a naked body of an adult woman with bumps and curves hanging!

2. A rotten, gray, damaged, and moldy thigh was found outside a garbage truck on a busy boulevard!

3. A tall adult man put an unresponsive young woman in a black garbage bag and stuffed it into the trunk of a car in the middle of the night when no one was around. Is it a murder scene? Please call the police immediately

Love Doll Male Masturbator

It is not a scene of abandoned corpses, but the protagonist of the above suspense case is a love doll torso. Therefore, this is an accident caused by improper disposal by the user.

Many people may feel embarrassed about adult products such as love doll torsos, but human needs are undeniable.

By 2020, the consumption rate of male adult products will reach 68.3%, which means that nearly 7 out of every 10 people have used adult products. Among them, the share of love doll torsos is second only to condoms.

But compared with the popularity of torso love dolls, their endless tragic downfall is amazing. It is reported that you will find abandoned inflatable torso sex dolls everywhere, including local trash cans, school dormitory corridors and community balconies.

To correctly sort garbage, you must first understand the internal structure of a love doll torso.

At present, there are roughly two types of torso love dolls on the market.

Those that are cheaper and need to be inflated are generally made of plastic or PVC.

On the other hand, expensive physical simulations use silicon or TPE as the shell and alloy as the skeleton.

According to the principle of garbage classification, silicone is classified as dry garbage, that is, recyclable garbage, hazardous garbage, and food garbage, and alloy skeletons, plastics, and polyvinyl chloride are classified as recyclable garbage.

However, inside the love doll torso, in addition to the few materials visible to the naked eye described above, there are many small parts. For example, the eyes, wigs, and vaginas of male love doll torsos, and the penises of female love doll torsos.

The materials used for the eyes of models and torso sex dolls are generally glass and silicone, while the materials used for torso love dolls are mostly silicone products.

Doll torso wigs are made of synthetic fibers.

Highlights Introduction The artificial vagina and artificial penis, which seem to have complex functions, are actually composed of liquid silicone + wires + batteries.

However, separating torso love dolls like the garbage separation mentioned above is not only troublesome, but it also tends to hurt your feelings even if you may have good memories. Therefore, consider placing abandoned love doll torsos in a haunted house or secret room. As you know, the staff in charge of NPCs in a haunted house is often a high-risk profession, dominated by players every day, and both the body and mind become messy.

Depending on the level, the staff may suddenly appear and scare the players, so it is best to use a replica love doll torso to activate the effect of the Valley of Fear with a realistic image.

Of course, you can contact the manufacturer for recycling. In luxury clothing stores, you can wear a silicone torso sex doll that is closer to the proportion of real people than a solid plaster model with stiff limbs and strange shapes. Must be removed, it can be used as an absolutely perfect model.

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