Five main reasons for decreased libido

Five main reasons for decreased libido

1. Emotion: People who are in a bad mood will have lower libido. Avoid having sex, especially when you are very depressed. Slow and good habits can often reverse your mood and increase your libido. Therefore, do not drink or drink less coffee, reduce alcohol before sex, move the body to relieve stress, pay attention to the drugs used, etc., all of which can relieve tension and increase libido.

2. Nutrition: Nutrition is the material basis of sex. Lack of important ingredients such as protein and zinc can lead to decreased libido, especially in men. Eating more high-quality protein and various vitamins and zinc foods can help maintain normal functional levels.

3. Smoking and alcoholism: Excessive drinking can dilate blood vessels, causing blood flow to the penis without pleasure, and long-term smoking can also reduce libido. Of course, alcohol and tobacco in sex are also reversible, alcohol can help, tobacco and tension can be released, and sex is also useful. So, grasping the scale will not affect your torso libido.

4. Drugs: Some hormone drugs, some anti-cancer drugs, or long-term radiotherapy, etc., can reduce libido. These treatments should be determined according to the actual situation, and do not blindly affect the treatment due to sexual behavior.

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5. The environment and conditions are not suitable for sex. The most effective way to increase sexual desire is to create an environment and background conditions that satisfy sexual desire. For example, massage and bathing have the effect of increasing the secretion of endorphins. Take a kayak, sweeten the original sweetness, find it, do a good job of foreplay to change the mood, and have fun together, all of which have the effect of increasing sexual desire.

In short, the renewal and persistence of sexual desire are important for human life, and its intensity is also a sign of health and an important source of passion and hope. In any case, you need to understand yourself and understand yourself correctly. Next time, I will talk about sexual techniques to control and maintain the sexual desire of more people.

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