Love doll torso makers need to consider the needs of the elderly and disabled

Love doll torso makers need to consider the needs of the elderly and disabled

A study shows that torso love dolls can be companions for the loneliness and isolation of disabled and elderly people, and provide psychological support. Love doll torso manufacturers believe that we should not only target young consumer groups, but also consider how to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled people over 65 years old.

In a new paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a distinguished professor of bioethics and humanities, emotions, while aging may make the elderly more susceptible to certain diseases such as arthritis. I wrote that fluctuations and loneliness are innate and will not disappear in life.

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So it is no wonder that the current torso sex doll industry targets young and healthy people instead of disabled and elderly people.

It is very special and strange that we have ageist attitudes and negative stereotypes about them, that we are old and cannot take care of ourselves, and have psychological problems. I believe this is problematic. Our attitudes towards disabled people are similar, and most studies protect them from psychological abuse by healthy people instead of considering their human needs and status. I am interested.

Dr. Nancy believes that the lack of uninformed peers in the lives of the elderly threatens their identity and dignity, and designing and selling torso love dolls for the elderly and disabled is "great. I think this will be a transformation. Love doll torsos are also suitable for the elderly. It also encourages the elderly to improve their physical and mental health and deal with age and physical discrimination.

With the help of external things such as maintaining intimacy, sexual pleasure, and maintaining the quality of life in old age, you can continue the lifestyle you want. Just as there are companion robots that support functions such as eating and changing clothes, they may be designed to support social functions and serve as a source of intimacy and friendship.

The survey results show that many people do not get the support they need to maintain their mental state because of aging and physical limitations, and often do not care when consulting. While criticizing the puppet hobby industry for promoting the idealization of human beauty and promoting human objectification, it can also provide a strong anti-discrimination narrative.

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