How should I take care of my luxury love doll torsos?

How should I take care of my luxury love doll torsos?

p>An expensive, lifelike female sex doll torso needs to be well looked after.


The more expensive something is, the more it needs to be maintained, just like a car that needs to be serviced from time to time, just like it needs to be cleaned regularly even when not in use. A torso sex doll can cost between €500 and €1,000, with realistic and expensive silicone torso sex dolls costing even more.

The torso sex doll's joints are movable and can be bent, and the skin is elastic. However, if the sex doll torso is left in a bent position for a long time, the sex torso doll's skin may form some wrinkles at the bend. So if you don't use it for a long time after purchase, it is best to return the joints to the factory position, that is, put the hands and feet of the sex doll torso in a flat position if it was bent for a long time, You can simply massage the joints, after a certain time they will return to their original state.

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So what should I do to care for my sex doll torso?

1. Both torso sex dolls and sex doll torso can get stains, so it is best not to dress a sex doll torsowith clothes that can get stains; If necessary, you can wear a white undershirt over it.

2.Love doll torsos should be powdered regularly to keep their skin dry. (Recommendation: use talcum powder)

3.Remember not to use corrosive cleaning products, including strong acids, alkalis, strong disinfectants and stain removers when cleaning your sex doll torso, so as not to damage it.

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