The difference between a sex doll torso and an inflatable torso sex doll

The difference between a sex doll torso and an inflatable torso sex doll

There are many differences between torso sex dolls and inflatable dolls

1.The material used for Real Doll Torso is very close to the softness and deformation of the human body, the joints are very realistic, and the facial features and expressions are very close to or even better than those of real people.

2.Apart from the sex doll's torso, all torso sex dolls can be made in a variety of positions, and their arms and legs are flexible. There are many Japanese torso sex dolls for sale that are counterfeits, cheap imitations that cannot compare to the sex torso dolls we sell in terms of appearance or workmanship and functionality.

life like sex doll torso

3.Any platform with a quality inspection report can be chosen. If it is a general small platform selling torso sex dolls are very easy to crack, the actual feel and material of the sex doll torso is also not comparable.

4.Qualified torso sex dolls are usually covered with food-grade plastic on the outside and have an aluminum skeleton on the inside that can be put into many poses.

5.The only disadvantage is that it is heavier than an inflatable torso doll, but the quality is much better. Overall, inflatable love doll torsos are very unsightly as long as they are inflated. It feels similar to a balloon.

6.The inflatable real doll torso is more practical because it can be easily folded and carried. This is something we cannot do with our sex dolls, after all, the sex doll torso is heavier than an inverted inflatable female sex doll torso.

However, all customers who want to buy a love doll torso can consider whether portability or practicality is the priority.

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