Treat realistic sex doll torso like family

Treat realistic sex doll torso like family

Many people buy torso sex dolls just to use them and live out their desires.

However, there is a group of people who consider torso sex dolls to be their family, not something they buy to let off steam, but to have company.

In their eyes, the sex doll torso is the equivalent of their sister, and some of them never use the sex doll torso but treat her as if she were their own family member. Every day they ate with the torso sex doll, put it next to the table where they ate, and then also prepared a meal for the sex torso doll, and the two ate together. They also talked to the sex torso dolls about the things that encountered and happened to them in their everyday work, and the torso sex dolls always listened patiently.

Big Ass Love Toy Sex Doll Torso

Both the sex doll torso and the sex doll torso greet the silicone torso sex doll every day before going to work and tell her that they are going to work. When they come back from work, they also watch TV and talk to the TPR love doll torso, etc. In their opinion, the sex doll torso is a living being. He can tell the sex doll torso his problems and doesn't have to worry about others finding out his secrets. For them, a torso sex doll is like a friend, and they really enjoy spending time with the torso sex doll.

When people saw this, many could not understand this group of people, because in many people's eyes, torso sex dolls are just tools and have no human feelings or the ability to think. But even then, the group didn't want to comment because, in their opinion, the torso love dolls they owned were already a part of their lives and they didn't care what others thought.

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