Words from the Male Masturbator Manufacturer

Words from the Male Masturbator Manufacturer

That is why we are demanding that the real doll torso industry immediately pass a law banning the production and sale of all current and future torso sex dolls. For centuries, our experts have revered their talents. Sometimes they are ignorant of the history of those who have been revered too much, and remain silent when they notice the faint imprint of a wedding ring minutes before they stand before us. It is fair to say that society cannot function without the services not lent to our industry.

We believe it is time for society to pay us in full. We are honored that you take this request seriously and give us the opportunity to continue living a decent life without the threat of eviction by the machine.

sex doll torso

Other industries are happy to join this demand, having realized that banning the sale of adult gadgets will improve the livelihoods of their own companies and employees.

Condom makers - Men generally don't like wearing condoms, but they are almost forced to wear them during their time with us, not only for their own safety but also to ensure the longevity of our own careers. Masturbators don't need to use condoms, and a drop in sales will surely lead to a rise in unemployment.

Jewelry makers, chocolate makers - many of us don't receive gifts from our clients, although some wealthy people offer gifts for professional services. But all men who visit a brothel also go home with jewelry, boxes of chocolates, and anything else they can find.

As far as we know, no man has sent his wife flowers because he regretted his masturbation, nor can we imagine him doing so after spending time in a piece of silicone. This regret, so to speak, makes up a large part of the various industries. We hate to hear of future plans for the simple reason that we don't want to play with our men's feelings.

Berlin has more to offer than any other place in the world. Everyone understands that you, of all people, know what it means to be cut off from all opportunities. And, erotic torso sex doll, we really hope that you are ready to use this unusual and mysterious talent to improve the US economy.

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