Here are four things new players should pay attention to when taking care of love doll torsos.

Here are four things new players should pay attention to when taking care of love doll torsos.

Many people who buy torso love dolls for the first time don't know how to take care of them when buying, using, and especially after using them. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to take care of the torsos sex doll so that you can always keep it in good condition.

Use water-based lubricants

The main materials of commercial love doll torsos are silicone and TPE, both of which lubricate the vagina of the love doll torsos when used, because there is a certain friction resistance when the penis enters the torsos real doll's vagina during intercourse. . This will prevent the penis from rubbing and the torsos sex doll's vagina from being worn. The body parts of the female sex doll torso also need lubricants to reduce friction so that the skin does not wear out. Lubricants can also keep the love doll torso moist and help the real doll torso last longer.

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For sex doll torso lovers, it is important to note that lubricants are water-based. This is because torso sex dolls, whether made of silicone or TPE, are oily in nature, and silicone and petroleum-based lubricants can damage the torso doll's skin.


When using love doll torso for door-to-door or sexual purposes, obtaining the necessary safety and protection equipment will make the real doll torso easier to clean after use, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning.

Use it in the right way.

Be especially careful when using high-strength love doll torsos at work or in life. First of all, you should know that the torso sex dolls currently on the market are as close to life-size and weight as possible, so it is important to be prepared to avoid injury while ensuring sufficient physical strength. In addition, the leather material of the love doll torso is easy to deform if too much force is applied. The stainless steel skeleton is realistic enough, but it is relatively fragile, so special protection is required, such as putting a pillow or cotton at the bottom of the torso sex doll to avoid damaging yourself or the female torso sex doll.

Cleaning the torso sex doll after sexual use

TPE material has stronger permeability than silicone and cannot be completely sterilized. Therefore, after having sex with the sex torso doll, wash the torso sex doll immediately to prevent bacterial growth. In order to avoid the possibility of chemical reactions, it is recommended to choose a mild soap, preferably an antibacterial soap. Then rinse with water until all the soap is gone. Wet the real doll torso. By drying, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and is suitable for storing the torso sex doll.

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