What is it like to have sex with a sex doll or sex doll torso?

What is it like to have sex with a sex doll or sex doll torso?

From Dutch wives to inflatable sex dolls to the current realistic sex dolls or sex torsos, X-Adult dolls have a long history. However, with advances in technology, they have become more realistic and lifelike than ever before. Many people are curious about what it's like to have sex with a sex doll or sex doll torso. In this article, we will discuss exactly what it feels like to have sex with these types of torso sex dolls.

Stimulates real penetration

"I love it, it gets very wet and is nice and tight so it stimulates real penetration. I use it many times in one setting. My only criticism is that it is very heavy, so I would recommend using it with one "Use your bed, table, or pillow. Or watch porn anywhere other than your phone so you have better control." Charles R. said.

sex torso doll

Two holes provide different sensations

"This Dolltorso sex doll torso is very interesting because both holes offer different sensations. The back door is more compact and is perfect for people who are smaller or want a more intense experience. As an average height person, I really like both entrances. One of my favorite things about This Love Dolls torso is its ability to be in the puppy position. The doll has enough momentum to move on its own with a little help and is a lot of fun." Lars said

Hands-free experience

"This torso mastrubator has two different channels and the vaginal opening is narrower than the other opening available. The product has a lot of weight, which can make it a little bulky, so it's best to attach it to something you can lean on "As with all similar toys, the amount of lube makes it a very pleasurable experience. The real selling point is that it leaves your hands largely free, which is not the case with most torso masturbators." Rubbish Raccoon says

Incredibly fun and unique to use

"The weight of this Realdoll torso makes it very fun and unique to use. Every part feels soft and supple and is easy to grip. You can even dress it up if you want. I recommend using it with a VR "To pair and experiment with your device. Please follow the included instructions to keep it in good condition and it should last for many fun times." What Alvin said.

After reading these reviews, you may want to buy your own sex doll/lovedoll torso. If you have had a different sexual experience, feel free to comment below.

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