What is a locked down city life?

What is a locked down city life?

Famous Italian cities like Milan, Rome and Venice once attracted millions of people from across the country and the world because of the many beautiful, timeless buildings. However, in the current season of the coronavirus pandemic, Italy's once most populous area has been abandoned and there are no signs of activity.

By government orders, Italians are now living a new lifestyle through curfews, travel bans and space deals. Once a beautiful Rome, the bustling streets of the past are empty and only memories remain. Most offices are closed because children and teenagers are going to school online and employees are at home. Milan has also temporarily closed a restaurant that provided extra meals. The landscape of the Italian-influenced city has changed a lot. The same is true of Wuhan in China. The only difference is that the city is taking stricter protocols and measures to contain the spread of the virus.

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Now, how do you stay indoors for a week or months or more with the doors and windows closed? It's just you. Quarantine has many restrictions and can't carry out normal operations. Can you accept it? Maybe you need the help of a magic plastic stuff, a Dutch luxury woman. They will help you during the quarantine period. She is always with you.

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Living in an isolated closed city is unimaginable. The days in a lonely place can be a culture shock. Yes, the virus spreads outwards and can save you from delusions, but there is no guarantee that you will survive depression. Therefore, you can at least relieve stress and use real love doll torsos as good companions during quarantine. They never leave you.

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