The doll is free and flexible, infinitely close to humans

The doll is free and flexible, infinitely close to humans

The skin texture of these realistic sex doll torso is close to that of the human body and feels good in the hand. In addition, it has no odor, is not easy to deform and is not easy to tear, so you can use it with confidence. The head is rotatable, the joints are high-quality, and the attention to detail brings a more realistic playing experience. It feels soft and comfortable to the touch, just like the real thing. It has excellent durability and excellent elasticity, allowing you to do a variety of sports. Ejaculation is a man's daily life. However, I am tired of boring masturbation while watching AV. However, sex doll torso add a touch of pink to this boring evening!

Yes or no? It goes well with sexy lingerie and makes it more attractive to wear. You can wear a variety of clothes, so you can enjoy different outfits.

Flat chested sex doll torso

Face-to-face creates the illusion of being with a real woman. And the body is the evil body that penetrates the human! Not only the appearance is real. Thanks to the free movement of the joints, there is no discomfort even in such a shiny pose. A moderately elastic body is really feminine when embraced. And it is also good to change hairstyles and eye colors. If you are not good at communicating with women, you can also be a sex doll torso companion. Human women have their own feelings and will, so sometimes they disagree. Men's inability to express themselves can lead to quarrels and fights. If you are a flat-chested sex doll torso, there will be no quarrels or fights in this regard.

Life Size Sex Torso Doll

Robot sex doll torso design that reflects your desires

Having a real robot sex doll torso feels like living with a really beautiful girl, but in order to faithfully reproduce real human skin, the super soft vagina, inner thighs, buttocks and more are processed with high-quality materials. Expressed in high quality, some people love to take pictures, full breasts and sexy buttocks, fluffy breasts, beautiful contractions and plump rose apples.

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