Tipps für die Pflege der Torso-Sexpuppe?

Tipps für die Pflege der Torso-Sexpuppe?

Taking the lead and enjoying genuine sexual pleasure is made possible by the sex doll torso, which offers a fresh approach to having sex. However, there is no requirement to oversee interpersonal relationships. For those who are socially awkward or simply don’t want a partner, this is the ideal alternative to traditional sexual relationships.

You will, however, have to deal with the problem of sex torso maintenance whether you’re buying one or already own one. If the torsos of other people’s sex dolls are in perfect condition despite being used for a long time, but yours are in utter disarray, do you also find yourself questioning a lot?

Everything here has to do with your regular usage patterns and upkeep techniques. If reading this text and doing appropriately are things you are willing to wait patiently for. Have faith that your torso will elicit a lasting sex love.

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Know the substance of your sex doll’s torso

Knowing what material your sex doll body is constructed of is important whether you want to buy, use, or maintain it. We can’t provide the appropriate medication to facilitate and expedite maintenance unless we do this.

With similar maintenance methods, silicone torsos and transparent polyethylene (TPE) can be roughly divided into two groups. However, because of their increased porosity and softness, TPE materials usually require more maintenance than silicone sex doll torsos. TPE is also substantially less expensive than the silicone sex doll torso, but it is also less resilient and softer to the touch than silicone. A TPE sex doll may require additional maintenance as a result.

Finding your sexual torso’s material is the easy part; the rest of your life is about maintaining it properly.

Sex Doll Torso Upkeep Daily

Thorough cleaning is not as necessary as routine care of a doll’s torso. We have grouped this into numerous elements to aid in your understanding. I guarantee your sex doll torso will survive longer if you truly follow these instructions regularly!


Making their Geschlecht Torso appear more attractive and less nude is a basic interest of most beauty enthusiasts. Furthermore, you will get diverse experiences due to the dolls’ various clothing. But before you dress up your doll in gorgeous clothes, there are a few things you should know!

Clean the clothes of the doll. Since most clothing fades and contaminates the doll’s skin, it is impossible to wash away the contaminated areas. To ensure that the clothes have not faded and have been washed, make sure your doll is dressed prior.

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