Everything you need to know about sex doll torsos

Everything you need to know about sex doll torsos

As a sex doll dealer, we must always provide our guests with as important information as possible so that they can form their own stylish opinion.

Today we are determined to write this composition for you, in short, sex doll torsos are a feather-light, less appreciated torso sex doll option with additional literalness and pleasure than fleshlights. It's the perfect option for in between meals.

In this compilation, we will try to tackle why you should choose a sex doll torso over a sex doll or a fleshlight, what options we offer for sex doll torsos, and the most common reasons why people generally buy sex doll torsos.

Sex doll torso vs sex doll vs fleshlight

sex torso dolls

There are three situations in which the vagina comes in handy - like sex products for plutocrats to buy. It is the certainly popular Fleshlight, a sex doll or a sex doll torso.

The actual feeling your penis will have when entering one of these types of products is pretty much the same depending on the quality of the product.

However, the actual experience varies from product to product


A fleshlight is a simple tool to modify masturbation, its position of simulation is low as you still use your hand to do most of the work. It is superior to masturbation, but not as good as a sex doll or sex doll torso.

A fleshlight is often useful for traveling or for people who live with roommates. A fleshlight is usually discreet and can be hidden and carried from area to room very fluidly. It is a top choice for those who usually travel.

sex doll

A sex doll is the holy grail of sex simulation. It is the most realistic experience you can have of sex alone. A sex doll is recommended for those who are alone or with people who would not judge. It's not always effortless to tour with it and it can be difficult to lift over long distances. A sex doll is recommended for those who have the plutocrat and prefer to use them in many cases as they offer the greatest possible journey.

Sex doll torso

A sex doll torso is the concession between the sex doll and the torso. It simulates sex in a middle position and most people who use sex doll torsos are relatively satisfied with the experience.

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