The story of a sex doll torso

The story of a sex doll torso

Young man with his torso sex doll

This is the funny story of a young man and his torso sex doll.

This man is a young rural man who works in a large community that is under construction, or “security” as they call it.

After graduating from school, he came to the big city in his hometown and has been working there for five years now. On the surface, he is an ordinary worker, but from his perspective, although his life is constant, hard and busy, he is also happy. She has been by his side for the past three years. Money, a successful career, humor and all that had nothing to do with him. In the eyes of those around him he was a poor man. Few people would want to do the same job as him. So who is this “she”?

sex doll torso sexy love dolls

The name of the love doll torso is “Yayi”, a name given to the sex torso doll by the man. He said that the Sex Latex Doll's name contains the same word as his ex-girlfriend's name.

Every day he hums a few lines on the way home from his workplace. Because he knows that his sex doll torso is waiting for him at home.

His “Yayi”, the torso sex doll, has given him comfort on countless lonely nights and he can no longer let go of his sex torso doll. Two days a month he took him on his tricycle into the quiet of the city, into the countryside or into the fields to continue humming his favorite song.

Even though he was as close as possible to his torso sex doll, he still wanted to find out where he really belonged and he decided to keep this memory of his sex rubber torso dolls in his heart.

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