The best place for your love doll torso

The best place for your love doll torso

It's best to store your torso love doll in a closet. It should be stored in a carrying bag for easy transportation. When you go on a weekend trip, take your torso sex doll with you. If you have a long car ride ahead of you, put your love doll torso in the trunk of your car. Some people like to keep their teen sex doll torsos in the basement.
The best place for your love doll torso is in a closet.

The closet is dark, quiet – and easy to access. When I think of storage space, the first thing that comes to mind are the cabinets in the kitchen. They are right next door, so they are always accessible and clearly visible. If I want to open one of these cabinets, all I have to do is go over and take out what I want; it's never far from my hand or my gaze (unless I'm cooking something). This applies to all cabinets because they are usually located at eye level, so we can see what's inside without bending our head too low or tilting it back uncomfortably by looking up.

real doll torso

Some people like to keep their torso sex dolls in the basement.

It's not uncommon for people to keep their torso love dolls in the basement. Then it's easy to move it and put it somewhere where it's easy to find.

Some people like to keep their love doll torso in a closet. This is possible if you have enough space in your room or if there is no other place for your love doll torso.

If you have space at home, you can store your lifelike sex torso dolls in the basement or closet - a great place for long-term storage if no one is using the room regularly.

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