A few different sex positions for torso sex dolls

A few different sex positions for torso sex dolls

Vaginal intercourse: Vaginal intercourse! The engineers primarily care about the vagina so that it is as flawless as a woman. It is anatomically precise so you can penetrate it blindfolded.

The stable skeleton of the lifelike torso sex dolls also ensures that you can place them anywhere. Just put them on the bed and fall over.

Remember: it's completely safe for you to cum on her!

Anal sex: People are different, and some people prefer anal sex more than others. Unfortunately, not all partners are willing to go the anal route, which leads to disappointment and frustration for many.

You don't have to be disappointed anymore! The Dolltorso offers you an ideal option for all your sexual needs. The anal opening is unique and tighter to help you get the most out of your experience. It is designed with various grooves and bumps to improve the experience.

love doll torso

Enjoy different sex positions when you insert the sex doll torso from behind. Certain positions, such as Other styles, such as the doggy position, allow you to easily penetrate the anus and have a clear view of the buttocks while you pound her.

Remember: get a water-based lubricant and apply it to make penetration easier. 3.

Oral Sex: Depending on what type of teen

torso sex doll you choose, she may or may not have teeth. Most models feature tongues and deep throats to enhance the experience.

You certainly don't want your partner to suck, but with a little lube and warmth in her mouth, she can become a blowjob queen in seconds!

As he moves back and forth, the tongue and teeth stimulate your cock, providing incredible sensations. Alternatively, you can turn your head to guide them through the experience.

Even though it can't encourage you to suck from another person's mouth, you don't have to worry about the gag reflex. With a quick warm-up and a good water-based lubricant you can go all the way and your penis will enjoy a wonderful massage in the afternoon.

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