Sex doll torsos are friends of the soul

Sex doll torsos are friends of the soul

The Roman poet Ovid has a famous story about the ivory statue of the sculptor Pygmalion, which was so beautiful that he was fascinated. He prayed to the goddess of love Aphrodite for life, and Aphrodite heard the prayer and turned the ivory statue into a living person.

Female Life Size Sex Doll Torso

It is an ancient story, and similar stories are spread all over the world. Users buy fancy torso sex dolls, spend their days together, rent another apartment for the love doll torso, take them out to eat, and build intimacy instead of just treating the real doll torso as an inanimate object.

In addition, users who live alone may feel lonely, and owning a torso sex doll can cope with this loneliness. Over time, customers may become more familiar with the female sex doll torso, want to talk to it, and be impressed.

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