Sex doll torso care: How to avoid damage

Sex doll torso care: How to avoid damage

If you understand how to care for your Real Doll torsos, you will be able to get the most out of them. Here are some tips and tricks that I think are important:

Avoiding scratches

In order to prevent damage, you should always use a soft cloth when cleaning your sex doll torso. Do not use abrasive materials like steel wool or sandpaper; this will remove the finish on the real doll torso and cause it to become dull. You should also avoid using any chemicals such as alcohol or solvents, as these can seep into places where they don’t belong! The same goes for sharp objects: while you needn’t be afraid of scratching yourself on your buddy’s dildo, it may not be good for her over time if she gets cut by something sharp (like an earring). Finally, avoid excessive force when cleaning—your sweetie doesn’t want someone beating her up under the guise of cleaning!

Avoid hair dye and sunscreen products on torso sex dolls

Avoid using hair dye on your sex doll torso.

A good rule to follow is the same one you would use when dressing someone else: don’t put anything on them that you wouldn’t put on yourself. In this case, it means avoiding any hair dyes/colors or bleaches that are likely to be harmful to the skin of your torso sex doll. In addition, avoid sun protection products as well as products that may contain harsh elements (such as alcohol) that can irritate the skin of your sex doll torso and cause rashes or discoloration over time.

Please avoid heavy liquid levels on your sex doll torso.

Avoid using lubricants that are too thick.

Avoid using lubricants that are too thin.

Avoid using lubricants that are sticky and leave stains on your doll’s skin, which will make it harder to clean later on.

Avoid using lubricants that are sticky and leave stains on your doll’s skin, which will make it harder to clean later on.

Avoid using excessive force during sex.

Be careful not to apply too much force during sex. Do not squeeze, pull, or pinch the doll’s breasts or nipples. Avoid rough or excessive movements that may cause damage to the skin and underlying tissues.

Sex Doll Torso Adult Toy

Clean the inside of the tongue, airway, anus and vagina after use.

Use a mild soap or washcloth with warm water.

Let your torso sex doll drain in this state for 20 minutes.

Wrap your sex doll torso in a towel and gently dry her.

Do not use sharp objects to do makeup editing.

Do not use sharp objects to do makeup work.

If you want to remove makeup from a torso sex doll, you should do it with a soft brush or with a cloth and water or rubbing alcohol. In addition, you can also wipe your torso sex toy doll with the right makeup remover (available in specialized stores) and then let it dry. However, there are always torso sex toy experts who say that it is best not to use too much water flow on the areas that your sex toy torso must have, as it should not get wet, which can cause particles to detach which could damage your sexual property!

This is an article about caring for torso sex dolls. There are tips on how to avoid damage and take good care of them.

Sex doll torsos are very sensitive when it comes to care. If you want to have a varied sex life with them, it is important to take good care of them and keep them in good condition.

Caring for the breasts: If the torso sex doll's breasts smell bad or are greasy, you can wash them with soap and water. The tongue should not be treated and it should only be done under the arms.

Caring for the face: You can squirt sugar water into the eye sockets (not too much) to keep them clean and reduce the difference in smell. The face can be vacuumed with a piece of cheese board instead of a washcloth. This prevents wearing makeup when cleaning the love doll torso!

We hope this article has helped you to take better care of a silicone real doll torso. You can also use these tips for other types of torso sex dolls if you want. If you have any questions or have forgotten something that we absolutely must have mentioned, feel free to write to us:

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