Are you an instrument of desire?

Are you an instrument of desire?

Are pretty girls more popular?

Appearance is the basis of sexual attraction. However, this attraction to physical qualities occurs regardless of emotional attachment. So this sexual attraction to physical characteristics is purely hormonal.

Love and relationship between man and woman.

If a person is perceived as attractive by the opposite sex, it simply means that he has physical characteristics that the opposite sex finds more attractive and therefore causes him to secrete more reproductive hormones. Just like other animals, humans also attract bodies based on their instinct. Although humans have been able to suppress these impulses to some extent, we have never been able to suppress them completely. As a result, there are different levels of self-control in the population, so some are better at hiding their sexual urges than others.

The situation is different with humans. People are ready to have sexual intercourse most of the year, so when a man courts an attractive woman or vice versa, he does not always find the right partner. Most of the time, it's about finding a sexual partner to satisfy their basic sexual needs.In most animal species, females choose suitable mates based on favorable traits such as strength and strong physical features. This ensures that future generations will also have these favorable traits and ensure the survival of the species. Males in the animal kingdom work hard to spread their seeds to ensure the survival of their gene pool. However, mating season usually occurs once a year, and during this short period, only the most charismatic males can mate successfully.

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Body vs. Heart

One of the biggest dilemmas for most people is whether their sexual partner really loves them or is just attracted to their body. The answer to this conundrum varies from relationship to relationship. Men often have success having sex with women when there is an emotional bond, as most women prefer to have sex with someone they have feelings for.

Need outlets?

The modern world has made love and marriage more difficult than ever. Many relationships are built on lust and lies, leading to heartbreak and disappointment. This is why many people prefer to stay away from dating and instead use torso sex dolls to satisfy their sexual urges.

With real sex doll torsos, they certainly don't go through the emotional roller coaster that may or may not end in heartbreak. Moreover, lifelike silicone torso sex dolls offer a safer and more enjoyable experience. Also, you can enjoy all the benefits of sex without risking your health and mood.

Nowadays, the sole purpose of many relationships is sexual satisfaction, not love. This leaves many young girls heartbroken.

If you need a safer and more enjoyable outlet to give free rein to your sexual urges, you can greatly benefit from owning a realistic torso sex doll.

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