Owning a love doll torso while dating your partner's affair?

Owning a love doll torso while dating your partner's affair?

Many single men may choose to buy a love doll torso to relieve their desire for sex or dating when they are not in a relationship. But after having a lover, I wonder if the other party will feel cheating after knowing it. As a result, many people try to hide the torso sex doll, but this is only temporary. At some point, most dating people have to overcome the challenge of telling their partner that they have a love doll torso!

Love Doll Torso: Unknown Relationship Territory

Decades ago, owning an inflatable torso sex doll was not a big deal because it looked fake. Most real doll torsos were made of cheap plastic and felt ridiculous. However, recent torso love dolls are carefully made of materials such as TPE and silicon and are state-of-the-art. Love doll torsos have designs that make many people feel uneasy, such as being able to speak and sense changes in the owner's emotions and respond.

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So how should we deal with such a difficult story? How does the other person react? There are many ways to predict the reaction, and some people are willing to support it, and most of the time it is when both parties are stable. In this case, wanting happiness is definitely not an affair, and of course some people are angry about it, which is a tricky case.

There are many annoying people who resent, get angry and despise. Fortunately, the other party did not break up because he had a torso sex doll, but just urged him to throw the real doll torso into the trash. For this, it is important to organize things properly and explain to the other party.

But don’t you think it would be better to use sex doll torsos to deepen the relationship between the two instead of sticking together all the time? If the psychological burden of having to work and not being able to be with you is solved, it is a relief, but marrying a torso sex doll is always impossible.

Is it an emotional problem?

What if your partner thinks you are having an affair?

Doll sex torsos are the spice of life, but if you have a reason to be with them, you may be worried about their feelings and want to assure them that they will not threaten each other's whereabouts. You need to convince yourself that the female sex doll torso exists to help the relationship between the two, not to hurt each other.

It is important to make the other party understand that torso sex dolls cannot give true feelings like real people. Doll sex torsos can relieve loneliness through role-playing, but they are still lifeless. Doll sex torso will never respond to you, even if you fall in love with it. Therefore, it can be said that having a love doll torso should not be considered an emotional thing.

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