Are love doll torsos sexual partners or family members?

Are love doll torsos sexual partners or family members?

Many love doll torso owners have the image of being nerdy, single, and withdrawn. They usually do not contact the opposite sex, and many marriages are late. However, in reality, there are reports that married people account for 3-4% of all love doll torso buyers. Couples who choose not to have children or have children buy torso love dolls to play the role of children, and widowed elderly people seek emotional support through love doll torsos. The main reason is that it is difficult to find more realistic humanoid models besides torso love dolls.

Do you think love doll torsos are a family?

Love doll torsos are another choice and satisfaction in real life, much like love psychology, but more easily owned and dominated by people. Some people may not be satisfied with real life, have difficulty in establishing a more realistic relationship, or have some kind of psychological desire that cannot be satisfied in reality, so I will fill that part in the virtual world, not knowing if it can be done.

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In addition, torso love dolls are dominant and have popular characteristics. Some people say that real doll torsos can satisfy their desires even if they cannot express them to real people. Sex is not dirty, it is up to you to insist.

Why do you need a sex doll torso when you have a partner?

Doll sex torsos cannot replace real people, but can satisfy emotions in some way. There is feedback between real human emotions, such as I have emotions for you and you have emotions for me. Love doll torsos, on the other hand, have no way to feedback their emotions, that is, this emotional feedback only exists in their imagination.

For example, if you buy your partner a dress, she will calmly decide whether she likes or dislikes the dress, and she will be happy, but the male sex doll torso will never get such feedback. Real emotions can create power in a person and have an impact on that person. In reality, there is a feeling of helplessness and incompetence, but imagination creates a safe area for happiness to be born. However, this is just my world, not the real outside world.

Real intimacy is mutual equality and autonomy. On the one hand, lover torso sex dolls are also a manifestation of control in partnerships, but real people are more out of control. Data research shows that the vast majority of partners cannot avoid quarrels during the cycle, and if they are not physically and mentally compatible, they need to find another way out.

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