Need for sexual coordination

Need for sexual coordination

Many people have doubts about the profession of torso sex toy designers.

Is "erotic design" "condom design"? Do condoms need to be designed?

Erotic design refers not only to condoms, but also to more erotic sex toy torsos such as vibrators, torso dildos, female sex doll torso

masturbators, love doll torsos, etc.

However, more and more people are curious about this profession. Erotic designers are avant-garde, novel and sexy. But talented erotic designers need to design toys that please users not only, but also aim to please themselves.

Real Torso Sex Doll

More and more users have a sense of life and feel that sexual intercourse is out of tune.

That's why it is necessary to design sex products that improve the quality of sexual experience.

I have seen double-headed female vibrators, but the small vibration head of the connecting rod drill is thick and hard, with little deformation, and cannot fully stimulate the effect of the G-spot. It is basically parallel to the shaft. You can imagine that the use experience is definitely not good. When asked, it was designed by a man and released without evaluation. Instead of investing emotions in this kind of sex toy torso, it is better to understand the structure of the human body by imagination in toy design, in order to prevent sexual adjustment.

Strictly speaking, erotic designers are "erotic pioneers".

Erotic toys are experiential products that precisely contact the most sensitive part of the human body - the genitals. Even designers cannot design products with poor experience without dealing with the skin, touch and subtleties of the five senses of men and women. Therefore, erotic toys must be designed with a good sexual experience as the goal and tailored to the user's sexual coordination.

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