Dress up the love doll torso as a character

Dress up the love doll torso as a character

Thousands of people have her, the same torso love doll, the same brand. However, everyone has their own love doll torso, and the love doll torso owned by the user is also unique.
Love doll torsos are divided into implanted and wig-style, and the same style uses implanted torso love dolls but the price may be different. Players who want to personalize their female sex doll torsos usually choose wig-style real doll torsos, but they can also modify them according to their needs and wear different wigs.

The charm of personalization is that different girlfriends can be created through settings and dress-ups, and each category and attribute can set a character. Such as her identity, occupation, personality, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Torso Sex Doll

Sex doll torso has no attributes of its own, and it needs the owner's definition to give it personality. One of the fun of making a life-size doll torso is that you can choose your favorite hair, eyes, face makeup, clothes, etc.

Hair: Wigs are long, short, curly, straight and all styles, with a variety of colors, some of which you can make yourself.

Eyes: They are already installed at the factory, of course you can also install other things according to your preferences. The difference between the eyes lies in the quality of the material and paint, and the second candidate is the color of the eye iris.

Makeup: Before the head sculpture leaves the factory, professional makeup artists will carefully leave traces of makeup. TPE face makeup is relatively simple, and the makeup is not very sticky. It may fade over time, but you must follow the normal makeup removal and makeup process.

Silicone head makeup is more delicate, with special processing and materials, daily care does not remove makeup, and makes the makeup more durable.

Clothing: Clothing is the most intuitive way to reflect the personality of the torso sex doll. Real doll torsos are all 1:1 replicas of real people, and basically the clothes you get are worn according to size. First of all, the following types of clothing are provided:

1. Daily wear: shirts, skirts, jeans, etc. that can be worn anywhere in the city.

2. Professional wear: JK uniforms, stewardess uniforms, nurse uniforms, etc. have special meanings and are representative of the profession.

3. Special clothing: cosmetics There are many types of clothing, and the strange costumes and dancer costumes of derivative works add another visual experience.

Not only can the doll itself be fine-tuned, but the image can also be unfolded one by one by matching clothing and props. Eventually you'll be able to get your own original doll through the process of constantly changing things.

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