Maintenance and care tips for sex doll torso owners

Maintenance and care tips for sex doll torso owners

A modern new strategy to study your pleasure, aside from the physical and emotional preservation that comes with a real human lover, is to use sex doll torsos. Whether you've already owned a practical sex doll torso or are thinking about purchasing one, when caring for him, make sure your interactions with him are exciting and beneficial.

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Clean up after use

Drawing the doll and your torso sex toy on an everyday base is one of the easiest sex doll torso preservation techniques. After each use, use heating water, a smooth towel, and a light torso sex toy pulling agent to remove the last of the fleshy fluids or lubricants from your session.

Use a mild cleaner instead of a robust one as the torso sex doll's body could also be damaged. After removing any extraneous water, allow the doll to air dry. Avoid using a bandana or spongy paper towel to dry a topper as they can remove hair or other particles on the doll and cause an infection to the skin.

Buy quality accessories

Finally, it's important to remember that spending money on remarkable lubricants and add-ons will make your sex doll torso end up longer. Make sure that all toys and lubricants used for your doll are safe for the constitution and beautiful for the material of the doll. Because they are easy to relieve and may not damage the doll's face, water or silicone-based lubricants are often used on the upper body of sex torso dolls.

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