Hygiene tips for using a female torso sex doll

Hygiene tips for using a female torso sex doll

As the use of female-chested doll sex torso becomes more and more fashionable, it is important to understand the importance of good hygiene in order to have safe and pleasant guests. Keep your female torso sex doll clean and healthy with these tips

torso sex doll

Tip 1: Clean after use –

After each use, clean the silicone sex torso doll with mild detergent and warm water, paying attention to all removable corridors such as head, arms and legs. Keep all cracks and joints clean to prevent dirt, grime and bacteria from accumulating.

Tip 2: Clean the Essence –

Still, clean them with an essence-safe detergent and dry them accurately to help with erosion if your sex torso doll has an essence corridor.

Tip 3: Use special lubricants –

It is important to use them to ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience with your torso sex doll. Oil painting - grounded lubricants can damage the material of the doll, so use water-grounded lubricants.



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