How to wear the wigs for love doll torsos?

How to wear the wigs for love doll torsos?

There are a lot of customers who buy sex doll torso back and then get stuck on the issue of wearing a wig. Some people really have no experience in this field, the first time will not give torso sex doll wearing a wig is normal.

How to wear a sex doll wig?

Wear the front of the wig correctly, the hair does not block the eyes. Then pull the back of the wig in place, and then pull the wig band on the back of the neck of the lace, and then hook the hook of the left plastic card on the right card into the strap, the right hook in the left pocket mouth so that after hooking keep the sex doll torso rolled all over the bed do not dislodge.

Realistic Pussy Torso Sex Doll

On some combing aspects of the wig, not a comb to the end. Of course, if it's just clean, very smooth wig can still be a comb to the end. But it is impossible to wash the wig every day, and wigs and human hair in general, after a few days may appear knotted, messy and other issues. This time we comb, if the best in two parts of the comb, hold the tip of the hair comb the end of the hair, if it is too difficult to comb, can spray some water.

It is recommended that the wig be cleaned for at least a month.

Anyway, look at yourself, feeling that the hair needs to be cleaned and cared for to go to the wash.

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