A torso sex doll changed my life

A torso sex doll changed my life

The story of a man and his torso love doll.

He is an experienced programmer and an online gamer. Many consider him to be a very introverted person who doesn't like partying and doesn't like crowds. Some may say that such a person is a loser, but the truth is that he was not a loser in the world in which he was overwhelmingly beaten. He achieved great success in his company and was responsible for the development of many new IT products. But that was his personality, calm and quiet, he didn't like going out, he liked being alone and the quiet environment made him spend most of his time in front of the computer.

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Finally he decided to buy a torso sex doll. In real life he didn't want too much attention from girls, but it was good for him to have someone at home to keep him company. After that, he became happier, more positive and optimistic in life. He is not sure if he will find a real girl in the future and he cannot pack his bags yet, but at this stage the sex doll torso will not change the peaceful life that he has enjoyed and that brings him joy.

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