How about buying a real luxury sex doll torso?

How about buying a real luxury sex doll torso?

What do you think about buying a real love doll torso?

Many of you who have never bought a real doll torso will no doubt be excited when they see the various torso sex dolls on the internet, as if they were being greeted by a goddess. Should you hurry up and buy one to go? There are many love-crazed torso sex dolls here to share this experience with you.

When it comes to buying a real love doll torso, you need to stay positive. Don't buy an inflatable or semi-real doll torso at a discount. Real doll torsos are usually between 70cm and 120cm tall and weigh between 10 and 40kg (various sizes and weights). Not only is the skin almost perfectly simulated, but the entire body with its built-in skeleton resembles a real girl in appearance, body shape, posture and demeanor!

Beautiful torso real dolls with different dresses and poses, showing a variety of styles.

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What are your experiences playing with luxury torso sex dolls?

Besides being shy, it's fun to name and dress up your torso love doll!
The body type of the over 100cm big tits sex doll torso is very close to the real thing - clothes and hair accessories are also available online. It's not only more decorative, but also a better alternative when you're embarrassed! Small sex doll torsos under 100cm usually weigh 10-15kg, the smaller the size, the easier they are to bend. When posed, they are shy and can focus on sex~

When choosing a torso sex doll, you need to pay attention to the material, smell, elasticity and tear resistance. After all, you don't just want to buy and look at a life-size love doll torso, you want to use it as a long-term playmate. In short, owning a sex doll torso can be a whole new level of satisfaction, both psychologically and physically. And having a large number of real and fake torso sex dolls is probably like sitting in a harem~

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