A realistic sex doll torso can be a friend

A realistic sex doll torso can be a friend

I was saved by a real lifelike sex doll torso

Will I always remember that day, April 1, 2018? It was a day full of jokes and pranks, but that day I ended a 3-year love story. I don't remember how I got home. I remember not being able to stop crying. I was a big man and I cried all the time.

In my cramped rented apartment, I looked at everything I owned. Could I really not give you the happiness you wanted? He is better than me, but he certainly doesn't love you that much.

I took her picture out again and looked at it. It was full of pain. I gritted my teeth and told myself that I was strong. She was just a material woman. What would I miss about her?

Sex doll Torso Big Booty

I turned on my stupid computer and went online. I clicked on an active group chat, said hello, and then fell silent. The people who were amused saw my unusual situation and asked me what was wrong. I just said three quiet words and we went our separate ways.

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