Do you have a love doll torso with low price and high quality?

Do you have a love doll torso with low price and high quality?

Easy to replace. Each site has features such as appearance and function emphasis, and the price range is also different. With picture search, all real goods, regardless of the store love doll torso you can see the image. Some places can exchange real love doll torsos, but optional parts can be easily purchased online.

With the increasing number of Dutch wife mail-order sites, it is also attractive to be able to choose from a variety of types. There is also a type that can only replace the hair, that is, the wig, without replacing it too far. This is just a replacement for the wig, so the real love doll torso can move the fingers by adding a stainless steel skeleton called a finger skeleton. So, the Dutch wife can hold the male genitals, and it also has oral functions.

Sex Doll C-Cup TPE Real Dolls

Real love doll torsos are expensive and cheap, but those that are close to humans are naturally more expensive. You can find what you like and click on the picture to see the details. There are nearly 100,000 pieces, and I want to buy one, but I don’t know how much the life-size torso sex doll can be used, and there are too many people who want to buy it. Teeth.

High quality and low price. The price is less than half of Japanese products, and the quality is equal to or better than Japanese products. The "Chinese torso love doll" has undergone a dramatic evolution. In addition to high quality, we have developed an Android system equipped with artificial intelligence by listing and raising funds. The application is that torso sex dolls are expanding beyond. Introducing a torso sex doll that can move the upper body with a remote control and a head that can move facial expressions. I think it will be an easy reception and conversation partner for babies and the elderly.

The engineers who guide our company should be called our masters. I still listen to your opinions. As you pointed out, traditional Chinese products tend to look "subtle", so we make exquisite products that can be differentiated. However, love doll torsos require a certain ingenuity in face shape, which gives the impression of low taste. In some cases, parents have "sexual selection" under the one-child policy in the past.

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