How to dress up erotic love doll torsos

How to dress up erotic love doll torsos

Don't wear clothes or accessories with sharp edges. When wearing accessories such as earrings, you can pierce the silicone with a thin wire or needle, but don't cut it with a knife or sharp objects. In addition, don't pull on pierced earrings after wearing them, as they may cause damage. Please don't wear cramped clothes. Sex doll torsos have a certain range of motion even if their limbs move. Please pay attention to the following points when dressing.

1. Anti-sticking can use talcum powder or talcum powder, the texture of the erotic love doll torso skin is sticky, you can wipe it with talcum powder or talcum powder, easy to wear, dustproof, or spray a small amount of antistatic agent.

2. Don't bend your limbs excessively. To prevent skin damage and gel deformation, don't shake or twist your arms excessively when changing clothes.

real doll torso

3. Be careful of scratches. Don't wear sharp clothes or accessories to avoid scratching your skin. If your clothes or accessories have sharp buttons or accessories, avoid wearing them or handle them with care.

4. When piercing the torso sex doll's ears or wearing accessories such as earrings, pierce them with a fine wire or needle with a diameter of less than 0.5mm first. To avoid obvious deformation or damage to the pierced earrings, please avoid cutting with a knife and do not pull hard after wearing.

5. Try to keep dyed artificial leather and clothes made of oily dyed materials clean. Over time, dark leather clothes may penetrate into the real doll torso and discolor the skin. The sex doll torso has a decolorizer, but the pigment in the gel is still difficult to remove.

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