Why is there a stigma around owning a love doll?

Why is there a stigma around owning a love doll?

It's a good question why there is a stigma around owning a love doll torso. In fact, there is a stigma around men using sex toys and masturbating in general. When a man uses sex toys or masturbates, it is often associated with the idea that the man can't find a sexual partner, so he must be creepy, lonely, or kinky.

But women using sex toys have finally become socially acceptable (although it took decades) and are often seen as attractive because they are seen as sexually experienced. Why is there still shame around male sexuality?

Men have been culturally taught to be ashamed of their sexual desires.

Masturbation has been seen as a fallback for the unattractive and lonely man who is too undesirable to get a real human to have sex with.

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Not even Austin Powers would admit to masturbation.

Men haven't had the feminist revolution or authors telling them that sex is healthy.

With time and a little education, maybe we can reverse this stigma. Did we mention that a female sex doll torso can be healthy? I mean really healthy. Researchers at Harvard Medical School recently discovered that regular orgasms can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22%! Owning a female sex doll torso is nothing to look down on. It's a safe and healthy way to explore sexual needs and desires that won't negatively affect anyone.

Owning a love doll shouldn't be viewed any differently than a woman owning a vibrator, but unfortunately society isn't quite there yet. It took decades for female masturbation to go from being completely undiscussed to a celebrated aspect of healthy female sexuality. Male masturbation faces similar challenges, but as it moves toward becoming socially acceptable, the stigma of owning a female sex doll torso will likely also diminish until it becomes a normal part of people's lives.

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