Why fall in love with a lifelike sex doll torso?

Why fall in love with a lifelike sex doll torso?

Pleasure, hormonal explosion

The feeling of being in love with a torso sex doll is something only you can experience. Do you often feel joy when you are alone at home, but can't say exactly what the cause of this joy is? Then it is likely that your pleasure is caused by love for a female sex doll torso. This feeling is similar to love. One of the symptoms of being in love is an inexplicable feeling of constant happiness.

You stay with your torso sex doll every day and gradually you develop love and want to stay with her every day. If you kiss, caress and cuddle your sex doll torso and feel constantly satisfied and your hormones explode, you can be sure that you are in love.

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Intimacy, including but not limited to sex

It is about the physical connection between two people. Sex torso dolls and humans feel the same. When the owner falls in love with their torso sex doll, the love doll torso is no longer just a sex object. Instead, it becomes a loving companion. A lifelike sex doll torso can enrich your spiritual world, you will think that it belongs to you and want it to satisfy your spiritual needs.

Where once you slept with a sex doll torso just for sexual satisfaction, now you treat it like a partner, you have a deep bond and lovemaking turns into passionate sex. Once you fall in love with a torso real doll, you can't help but be with it and become one with it forever.

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