Why can't love doll torsos keep the same posture for a long time?

Why can't love doll torsos keep the same posture for a long time?

①: Broken material

After buying a love doll torso, many people who are beginners of torso love dolls always encounter this problem, short life, and the body of the sex doll torso often cracks. The reason is that the material of TPR torso love dolls is very soft, but the skeleton inside the body is very hard, so if it sits for a long time, even the most advanced TPE material will show some wear and tear. This will greatly shorten the life of the torso sex doll.

Sex Doll Torso with Slim Body

②: Can absorb dirt

Many people who like torso love dolls and understand torso love dolls know that sex doll torsos are prone to oil, so they are easy to get dirty. TPR material torso sex dolls are difficult to clean, so it is best to keep the room clean and make your torso sex doll look good, rather than staying in the same position for a long time or letting the room be covered with dust. It also extends the service life.

③: Easy to get dirty

It is no secret that TPE love doll torsos are not easy to make up and color, but this does not mean that it is not easy to dye. The reason why love doll torso makers shoot torso love dolls with almost no clothes is that dark clothes are easy to color the torso love doll. Therefore, if the love doll torso is dressed and continues to perform an action for a long time, as long as the clothes are colored, it is easier to get the clothes dirty.

So, in order to make the real doll torso last longer, avoid keeping it in one position for a long time. When not together, put the love doll torso in the factory position (hands naturally close to the body, feet naturally. Try to keep it flat). Keep the environment clean and well ventilated. If necessary, you can buy a special stand for torso love dolls.

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