Do I need to wash my hands after having sex with condoms and love doll torsos?

Do I need to wash my hands after having sex with condoms and love doll torsos?

Love doll torsos can bring users a comfortable sexual experience. Love doll torsos look very real and look like real people. It is a more realistic experience than ordinary masturbation, but it is a synthetic material after all, so many users choose to wear condoms. ..have sex with torso sex dolls.

Many users find that the most private part of their body (penis) is when they first start using torso love dolls. Love doll torsos If you have sex with you, do you still have some concerns that it will affect your body? After all, some people have impulses when having sex, and the intercourse is rougher. If the skin on my penis is worn or something else happens, will it affect me?

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If you have any questions about this, you can also consider wearing condoms during intercourse. Do many users feel that they don't need to wash the love doll torso after wearing a condom? It is best to rinse when paying attention to personal hygiene. Wearing a condom can prevent 99% of bacteria, but the penis is a very important organ after all, so it is best to protect it.
In addition, if the love doll torso is dirty, it is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also emits an unpleasant odor. Some people don't wear condoms every time, so I think it's best to clean the torso sex doll after using it. Users use lubricated lover doll torsos, so after having sex with the lover torso sex doll, the lubricant will remain in the torso doll's channel. If it is not cleaned, it will have an adverse effect on the maintenance of the love doll torso.

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