How to bathe a love doll torso?

How to bathe a love doll torso?

How often should I bathe a love doll torso? What should I pay attention to when bathing a torso sex doll? All these questions are answered here

1. Love doll torsos need to be bathed every 7 to 15 days

This is because the torso love doll is resting when not in use. Careful owners will most likely put a blanket on the torso love doll, but the sex doll torso itself should have a small amount of oil oozing out of the skin surface, just like the human body. Why 7-15 days? Because, using the love doll torso depends on the frequency. If you use it more than once in 7 days, you will want to take a tired torso love doll in the bath. If you don't use it for 1 day, there will be oil on the torso sex doll, which will be washed off.

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2. Precautions when bathing a love doll torso

(1) First, remove the wig from your head and put it in a dry place. This is because facial makeup can easily melt when it comes into contact with hot water. If it is a silicone head, don't worry, but if it is a TPR head, be careful.

(2) Same as bathing, but the hot water temperature does not exceed 45℃. Hot water that is too hot will shorten its life. When you put the female sex doll torso in the bathtub, make sure it does not wet your neck. This is because part of the skeleton will rust and the life of the torso sex doll will be greatly shortened.

(3) After bathing, do not rub it roughly with a towel, but use a towel with a good smell. Gently press the skin surface of the towel to absorb moisture. The private area needs to be air-dried or air-dried.

(4) After wiping the moisture on the skin surface of the love doll torso, you can put on white gloves and apply talcum powder all over the body of the torso love doll. In this way, the torso sex doll's skin will feel more comfortable to touch.

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3. Love doll torsos are not sex tools

Love torso dolls are not just sex tools! Let's stop buying torso sex dolls. Because taking care of a dog is like taking care of a pet, it requires a lot of learning. I won't say anything, but I will accompany you day and night. If you really want to buy a love doll torso, think about whether you can take care of it yourself.

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