What should you pay attention to when having sex during pregnancy?

What should you pay attention to when having sex during pregnancy?

Can I have sex during pregnancy?

You can have sex during pregnancy. However, it should be noted that it is best not to have sex in the early and third pregnancy, and not to have sex in the second pregnancy. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta has not yet matured and the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not firm. If you make love at this time, it may cause miscarriage.

When can I have sex?

Early pregnancy

After 3 months before pregnancy, the embryo and placenta are gradually formed, the adhesion of the embryo is not strong enough, and sex is easy to cause miscarriage. Therefore, sexual life in early pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible.

Mid pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in women gradually increases, which leads to an increase in women's sexual needs. At this time, the placenta has already formed. The fetus is in a relatively stable state and can have a moderate sex life, but the number of reasonable checks for sex is best once or twice a week.

Late pregnancy

In late pregnancy, the sensitivity of the uterus will be increased, and sex will irritate the uterus, which may cause premature birth or bleeding infection, so try to avoid sex.

How to get to know my husband during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to emotional communication and help her husband divert attention. You can go for a walk with your husband, chat, or do indoor sports with your husband. After consuming physical strength and exhaustion, the feeling of sexual needs will subside. You can also do prenatal education with your husband, watch TV together, and increase your feelings.

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2. Reach the man's sexual physiology through hugging, touching, and kissing. She can also help her husband masturbate properly, so as not to affect male reproductive health and sexual ability. On the contrary, reasonable and timely sexual venting can also promote the physical and psychological satisfaction of men, and thus better maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

3. You can use some devices to satisfy your husband's life. For example, sex doll torso. You can order a sex doll torso for your husband, or your husband can buy a love doll torso himself. It can not only satisfy the husband's needs, but also spice up the life of the husband and wife. If the husband is satisfied, he will only love you more, and how can he be derailed?

Does orgasm promote uterine contraction and premature birth?

This is a very normal temporary phenomenon, and the frequency and magnitude of uterine contractions caused by orgasm are not too strong and do not last long. As long as there is no history of premature birth and related uterine problems, and there is no bleeding or water shortage, don't worry too much.

Don't worry about contraception during pregnancy, can you wear a set?

Pregnant women have reduced immunity and low resistance during pregnancy, and are relatively susceptible to urinary tract or vaginal infections. In addition, prostaglandins in semen can induce uterine contractions. For hygiene and bacterial reasons, it is recommended to use condoms for life.

What is the absolute prohibition of sex during pregnancy?

1. Pregnant women with miscarriages and premature births.

2. Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding symptoms.

3. There are serious complications (such as hypertension, diabetes, severe heart disease, etc.).

4. There is obvious inflammation of the cervix or vagina.

5. After 36 weeks of pregnancy.

6. Have symptoms of bleeding and abdominal pain.

7. Pregnancy poisoning.

8. Uterine contraction is too frequent, uterine insufficiency, early amniotic fluid rupture.

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