What Method Do You Use to Bring SexTorso Dolls Out

What Method Do You Use to Bring SexTorso Dolls Out

The feasibility of carrying sexy real torso sex dolls out

Realistic sex doll torsos are becoming more and more real now. Not only does it look like a real woman, but its weight and height are about the same as a human. However, love dolls cannot be moved, which makes them more difficult to carry than humans in reality.

Usually, Aiwa will go out with her, or be taken away by tourist attractions to commemorate. If she moved to another place, it would be difficult to bring Aiwa with her. If you go a little further, a wheelchair is still the easiest. Just put the love doll in a sitting position. If you want to take your doll torso to the bathtub, store it or put it on the bed at home, what can make it easier to carry? I searched a lot. There are three ways.

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Three ways to carry a beautiful love doll

Princess hug

The princess refers to the body being turned sideways, the arms on the side being held open and closed, each arm shares the upper and lower body to support the main body. As a fulcrum, lift it to the abdomen position. This is a kind of embrace, which stems from how to embrace a couple. Aiwa can't move, so you need to bend its knees before you can hug it. This method is recommended for lying dolls.


Direct back riding is suitable for the sex torso doll with standing function. When carrying the doll torso, the torso doll will not fall off, so keep your thighs close to the torso doll’s buttocks with your hands. Keep your hips as low as possible. The center of gravity is also lowered, so it is easy to balance.

Sitting in a wheelchair

It is recommended to use a wheelchair for long distances, which is the most labor-saving method. Put a cushion on the wheelchair and let the torso doll sit on it. The armrest can support the hand or the foot. This protects the torso sex doll and prevents the single pivot from being forcibly damaged.

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