Tired of loneliness? sex doll torsos could be your wife, girlfriend or lover

Tired of loneliness? sex doll torsos could be your wife, girlfriend or lover

Sex doll torsos are the life savers. Yes, this is a fact and the sex doll torso manufacturers all over the world claim this “interesting truth”. You may have heard about the “lifelike features” of the real doll torsos that make them more attractive than the real women. But we will tell you the “life-saving” quality of the sex doll torso. This US-based sex robot manufacturer mentioned that its robots saved the lives of several men who wanted to commit suicide. In the European countries, many men suffer from the mental problem due to their “unsatisfied and incomplete” sex life. The spokesperson of this real doll company confirms that they manufacture about 400 kinky robots per year to meet the customer’s demand. These doll women are better than the real women as they do not get angry, distraught or angry during sex.

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The voice of the "saved" client who preferred sex doll torsos to real women

One of the most satisfied clients, Masayuki Ozaki (psychiatrist from Japan), said that after the birth of the child, they stopped having sex. This condition leads him to deep and dark loneliness. Buying Mayu (sex doll torso) helped him return to his comfortable sex life. This ultra-realistic silicone doll is not only his lifesaver, but also the inspiration of his life. Although his family did not accept his new life with Mayu, they reluctantly started living with the hip sex doll (with ignorance). Therefore, the use of sex robots can save your sex life, but also lead to social isolation. Despite the danger of social isolation, more than 2000 dolls are produced and sold in Japan. Russia and other European countries show a similar result. Senji Nakajima, 62, also has a beautiful rubber girlfriend - Saori. He loves to bathe and watch TV with her. He often takes her surfing and skiing. According to Nakajima, life with a sex doll torso is more than sex. It is a strong relationship. He can't even think of dumping that rubber girlfriend! However, like Ozaki, his family also left him because of this strange decision. The Tokyo-born businessman said, “People are so demanding. People always want something from you - like money or commitment.” Yes, that's true.

In most cases, the reason for the relationship breakup is an overwhelming and unnecessary demand from the wives/partners. While many people buy silicone dolls and live with them and pretend to be a free soul, there are many who are afraid to buy these dolls because of social unacceptability. They choose the "painful death" over life. The newspapers and channels are often flooded with the death news of the lesbians, gays and transgenders. Why? Because they couldn't bear the pain of loneliness. Accepting sex doll torsos could be helpful in fulfilling your secret sex desire. Although female sex doll torsos dominate the market, you can buy both male and female sex doll torsos from certain manufacturers.

real like dolls since 1997 and the number keeps growing. However, this number is still not enough to save the world. You will be amazed to know that special brothels are being opened where men can get their pleasure from the real sex doll torsos instead of the human prostitutes. The first European brothel was opened in Barcelona, ​​Spain. If you are attracted to the silicone dolls but cannot buy one due to social problems, it is better to find the nearest sex doll torso brothel. The clients of the brothel in Barcelona only have to pay $127 to spend an hour with one of the brothel's four giant Lumi dolls. These four sex doll torsos are - Asian featured Lili, Blonde Kati, Anime model Aki (with blue hair) and dark-skinned Leiza.

So if you can't afford a silicone doll (which costs at least $5,500), you should contact the Fraudoll agency. It's hard to change society and make everyone happy. But you can help yourself. Many people have already chosen a comfortable life with beautiful silicone mistresses. There are also examples of happy marriage stories with sex doll torsos (Davecat). Therefore, the expert's advice is to unleash your true skin color for sex and not stay in the gloomy loneliness. Here is a chance for you.

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