The six best sex poses for torso sex dolls

The six best sex poses for torso sex dolls

Don't you know how to have sex with a sex torso doll? Do you want to have more sex positions? In this article you will learn the 6 best sex positions with your torso love doll.

Position 1 Sitting and littering

The man sat cross-legged, the woman sat on his lap, her thighs pressed tightly against his hot chest, her legs resting directly on his shoulders.

Posture 2 Make the most of your desk

You can place the torso sex doll on the kitchen table, lift her legs and pull them out. You can imagine this gesture many times, but it has never been theorized, so now is a good time to move on.

Pose 3 Place them on your body

sex doll torso

You can put her on the bed and pull it out of her ass. This approach can be rude and seem like rape. But this position can feel the softest part of her ass.

Position 4 front entrance

Men are known to be better at using doggy style sex positions, with the exception of missionary of course. Obviously, this is due to the psychological factors of the genius of men who consider themselves weaker people, women who prefer to control everything and perhaps in this way fulfill his erotic dreams.

Position 5 Lie down

Lying down can be one of life's rarest sex positions and allows you to reach the deepest part of your vagina. If you love your love doll torso very much, have sex in this position.

Position 6 in doggy style

Many people like doggy style torso sex dolls. Men can easily control the angle of the penis and the speed of twitching. When the girl looks back with her beautiful waist, it's a hot sex situation. From time to time, both hands can grab the girl's breast. This is a very good sex position.

Cowgirl with rated status

The erotic position of the cowgirl - when a woman excites her naked to the limit, keeping all the processes in her delicate hands - she can't, but she excites men. You can easily get your cowgirl sex doll torso in the dolltorso shop.

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