Sex Doll Torso Buyers: 6 Sex Doll Torso Safety Tips to Remember

Sex Doll Torso Buyers: 6 Sex Doll Torso Safety Tips to Remember

Safety is the most important concern when using a sex doll torso for sexual intercourse. For a few hours of bliss, you can't afford to risk infection or STDs. So if you are a sex doll torso buyer, be sure to keep a few safety tips in mind. As a customer, you can focus on yourself by:

1. Clean the doll promptly after use

Although this is a common hygiene practice, not all buyers are accustomed to cleaning their dolls before and after having sex with them. When your doll is idle, she just attracts all the dust and dirt on her body. As a result, bacteria grew on her body. If it enters her body without cleaning it, bacteria will infect your body and cause many diseases. Likewise, when you don't clean her after use, you actually make your TPE sex doll home to many bacteria and viruses.

2. Don’t use harsh chemicals

Clean your doll with warm water and chemical-free shampoo and soap. If you have sex with an adult doll and start cleaning the doll with products made from harsh chemicals, this can damage her skin and ultimately shorten her lifespan.

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3. Pay attention to the orifice

The orifice needs a good cleaning. You are sure to penetrate the doll every time you use her. Therefore, it is important to keep the orifice clean and tidy. Bacteria should not accumulate on the sex doll torso as it can directly affect your health.

4. Don’t share your doll torso with anyone

You must have heard that a person should not share his towel with anyone, even his loved ones. For similar reasons, you should not share your dolls, as you may be at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Not only that, but the person you share your doll with may not care about her as much as you do. He may also not bathe her regularly. Therefore, there is no point in leaving yourself vulnerable to disease and bacterial infections.

5. Use condoms

When you use a realistic sex doll torso in Atlanta, try using a condom. Wearing a condom when having sex with a real girl can protect you from STIs and unwanted pregnancy problems, so wearing a condom when having sex with a doll can protect you from infections and other health problems. If you are someone who can share your doll with others, then wearing a condom is a must for you. While you may not really feel it, prevention is always better than cure.

6. Store the doll in a cool and dry place

Do not store your doll in a damp place; you should always store her in a cool, dry place. Storing them in a warm room will deform their bodies, which will not only reduce the sexual pleasure you used to get from them, but it will also make them unsafe to use. So keep this in mind when buying a new sex doll torso.

Together, these safety tips will help you enjoy a great sex life and ensure you don't become a target for STDs. what are you waiting for? Take action now!

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