Several ways to buy torso sex dolls without knowing your neighbors

Several ways to buy torso sex dolls without knowing your neighbors

If you decide to buy such a sex doll torso to satisfy your horny libido but are afraid to tell your neighbors, then some detailed decisions can definitely help you in this regard and I can do it.

There are some good stores that you need to inform to pack the real doll torsos you want so that the contents of the boxes are not displayed.

It is also important to contact the delivery person and instruct them to send the order to a secure center, such as a cafe or restaurant.

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You should consider sending them to a predetermined location to deliver the boxes you need.

If you just want to call the courier company, don't call the courier company. Calling a delivery person to your home is very risky for you. Even if you wear a mask when receiving the goods, it is not difficult for the delivery person to see who the buyer is.

After you get the mini torso sex doll bag in Las Vegas, you can also wear sunglasses, coat and hat. Make sure it is not recognized by anyone in any state.

The best thing to do is to take a newspaper with two small holes and place it in the middle flush with your field of vision so that you can clearly see what is happening when you pick it up.

It is also recommended to give the delivery person 2 minutes notice so that you can sit down comfortably before carrying out a particular transaction.

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