Reasons for closing the "Love Doll Torso Experience"

Reasons for closing the "Love Doll Torso Experience"

In the past few years, the love doll torso experience has blossomed all over China. However, after that, most of the experience halls have gradually closed.

Many people believe that one day technology will replace manual work. But torso love dolls will not flourish soon. In fact, global sales have grown steadily, and more and more people are willing to own a love doll torso. However, this does not mean that torso love dolls have become a social norm, and the best example is that love doll torso experiencers have begun to receive a lot of attention.

The trouble of opening the love doll torso experience

For a long time, there have been few love doll torso experiences. In fact, although the opening difficulty is low, the operability is high, and in addition to the psychologically unacceptable torso love doll set, its effect seems to have both advantages and disadvantages.

Violation of social morality

No wonder the love doll torso experience is the same, because many experiences are identified as violating social morality. Three years ago, in 2013, Lumi Dolls in Barcelona also had the world's first love doll torso experience.

Torso Sex Doll Cheap Realistic

In some cases, the torso sex dolls were destroyed, and there were many cases where the actions continued even after the operators restricted various actions. This suggests that the love doll torso experience may be a gathering place for people with violent tendencies, rough handling of the torso sex doll will not hurt anyone, but whether it will increase violent tendencies, no one knows.

But not everyone is violent and has a specific fetish. In fact, many people are disillusioned with others and may have some disabilities, social anxiety or autism. There are still facts that torso sex dolls are bought for the wrong reasons, but for many people torso sex dolls are the only choice.

Doll sex torsos make identification unnecessary

Love doll torsos are just objects, are unconscious and will never exist. Even the latest artificial intelligence (AI) versions do not have the intelligence to offer or deny. You can answer basic questions and program dialogue, but you cannot say how to choose or what you want to do.

According to Abyss Matt, it should be treated like a toaster. An intelligent companion robot cannot be treated as a simple machine. It should exist as an inanimate object that does not need to seek the consent of the machine and does not know what that consent is.

In addition, there is no concrete evidence that behavior towards love doll torsos will have a serious impact on behavior towards real people, just like shooting game players will not shoot real people. If someone does, it is more about the heart of the person, and the same is true for a love doll torso. If the wife forces someone to do something, the bad guy is the perpetrator. After all, mature humans should be able to distinguish between virtual and real.

A form of sexual objectification

The biggest problem with the British companion robot anti-movement that torso love dolls threaten gender equality is that women have an inhuman target, even if they have no such consciousness or emotions...

But what is overlooked is that the act of sexual objectification depends on human nature. If you think in your heart that "the opposite sex is nothing but a thing", you will also look at others objectively. However, torso love dolls will definitely play an inhuman role, depending on how people view them. If users view love doll torsos as real humans instead of their substitutes, then it's time to sexually objectify them.


It is undeniable that torso love dolls are much more interesting than they actually are and are a catalyst for inappropriate behavior. This somehow makes us imagine that if a dangerous and twisted thought can be applied to a torso sex doll, then humans can do the same. However, not all real doll torso owners think so, and it turns out that it's not so much the love for the torso sex dolls as it is the human heart.

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